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SharePoint is a platform and toolset of the future, and offers the potential for dramatic increases in efficiencies.  Every organization has a need to understand the best way to maximally utilize SharePoint.  Get this right, and you win; get this wrong, and your competitors win.  SharePoint Hub is your competitive edge.
If you could only understand two concepts about SharePoint initiatives, understand these:  SharePoint is not technology software, but rather a business solutions platform; and SharePoint projects are largely planning projects.  
SharePoint Hub offers the finest and most experienced business solutions and project planning professionals.  SHAREPOINT PROJECT LEADERSHIP  These highly experienced individuals have been working with SharePoint for many years, and they are able to assist an organization in the envisioning of SharePoint-enabled possibility, and create an organized plan that lays down a runway to realizing that transformative vision.  SHAREPOINT PROJECT MANAGERS  We follow specialized project management methodology that primarily revolves around creating a successful project that meets business goals, and does so while completing on time and on budget.  Further, these individuals facilitate knowledge acquisition by the organization to create a useful and sustainable solution, and create a solution that is extensible to additional departments and/or uses, thus creating additional ongoing future value.  SHAREPOINT BUSINESS ANALYSTS  We work with business users to analyze the organization and design of the business, to assess various business models, and to plan the integration of these needs into the SharePoint technologies.  This planning is business-oriented (although framed in the context of the project goals), and addresses strategic, operating models, business processes, and business/SharePoint technical analysis.


Business Solutions drive SharePoint configuration.  As the foremost business platform for the organization, the extensibility of SharePoint is dependent on the skills of those who specialize in SharePoint development.  SHAREPOINT WEB DEVELOPER  Those designing and customizing Microsoft SharePoint websites utilizing SharePoint Designer and other low-code development maximize the advanced SharePoint toolset to bring rapid-development solutions to more complex business needs, and minimize the necessity for more expensive (and more complex) custom compiled code development efforts.  SHAREPOINT APPLICATION DEVELOPER  In instances where complex solutions are required, the new SharePoint .NET application developers fully leverage and extend this platform.  SHAREPOINT BI DEVELOPER  A cornerstone to the SharePoint platform is one of business intelligence (BI), reporting and analytics.  SHAREPOINT SEARCH DEVELOPMENT AND ADMINSTRATION  As the de facto corporate search tool, these developers create new custom searches and display those search results in the most appropriate format, thereby fully expanding and leveraging this search platform.  SHAREPOINT CUSTOM WORKFLOW DEVELOPMENT  With the advent of SharePoint, this has become the core platform to address real-world workflow and Business Process Management needs, transforming troublesome and labor-intensive processes into quick and easy user experiences.  SHAREPOINT BRANDING AND CUSTOMIZATION DEVELOPMENT  With the opportunity for organizations to customize the look and feel of their sites, these developers use specialized tools to not only provide graphic design, but have the expertise to understand the complexities of SharePoint and translate this design to SharePoint reality.


As organizations deploy and broaden their use of SharePoint, training internal staff contributes to the ever increasing value proposition that the SharePoint platform provides.  SHAREPOINT TRAINERS are available with a variety of skill sets to train any type of resource, from technical staff supporting the SharePoint platform to business specialists seeking to leverage more business solutions.  This training may be standard SharePoint training, or may be custom developed to address your organization's unique SharePoint environment and needs.



Building solutions and realizing productivity gains can only be accomplished with a solid foundation.  This foundation utilizes new technology, and organizations both need to build a solid foundation and acquire the skills to support the ongoing building.  SHAREPOINT ARCHITECT  Create a conduit between a technical solution that solves the business problem while complementing the company’s overall technology strategy.  These individuals generally understand almost all aspects of working with the SharePoint platform.  They understand native SharePoint capabilities, 3rd-party functionality, and custom development opportunities, and they create conducive framework structures for this development.  SHAREPOINT NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR  SharePoint has become the representation of the modern-day network.  Because of its importance as the new major platform on which an organization's information resides, the foundation of SharePoint information becomes critical.  SharePoint Network Administrators bring their network skills around hardware, storage and security, and add new skills to address the additional complexities of a SharePoint environment.  SITES COLLECTION ADMINISTRATOR  These individuals are involved in the setup, design, configuration, and site administration and maintenance.  They are also those individuals responsible for taking the core SharePoint toolset and applying basic customizations to address ongoing requests to solve real-world business needs.



In many organizations, there is a need for electronic commerce (Internet commerce).  SHAREPOINT E-COMMERCE SPECIALIST  This individual is responsible to manage and integrate the company's e-commerce initiatives and services built on SharePoint technologies.  This role combines experience with creative skills, technical knowledge, commercial ability that addresses both business and marketing opportunities and goals of the project.  This individual is experienced in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions, and will oversee the SharePoint development team to ensure the design, implementation, and administration of the company’s commerce efforts.  This includes skills in marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, technical knowledge, analysis.
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