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 SharePoint?   SharePoint Hub!


Evolve and Prosper
In the ever-changing marketplace in which businesses compete, there is the never-ending need to improve business processes and create more efficiencies.  Evolution versus eventual extinction;  survive & prosper versus decline.  Not only is it never-ending, it can be daunting.
SharePoint's Great!
Microsoft SharePoint is a truly revolutionizing business like no other recent business technology.  It is the single most important technology platform of the future for business.  This platform is transformative for the way your users work, and it is game-changing for your business as you compete in the marketplace.  It impacts you now, and provides the runway to your future.   
SharePoint's Great.  Now What?
So, SharePoint's great.  But it starts as an empty toolset full of potential.  SharePoint is great only if your needs are established, the plan is laid out, and the goals executed.  And that's where SharePoint Hub can help. At SharePoint Hub, we understand that Microsoft SharePoint technologies offer powerful potential in the effort to improve your business.  This is only realized if the platform is put to proper use to address your specific business needs. 
To that end, we are not a typical technology company that happens to sell software or provide developers.  Instead we are first business executives who understand how SharePoint can help you to change your business and help you prosper.  We also happen to know the SharePoint platform inside and out.
SharePoint Hub!
SharePoint Hub is truly unique.  We're a consortium group of some of the finest, most respected independent SharePoint consultants available today.  Our history of SharePoint project leadership and expertise goes all the way back to the beginning, when we worked with clients utilizing the beta of the first version of SharePoint (code named “Tahoe”) back in the year 2000.  Since then, we have become recognized as unmatched leaders in turning an empty SharePoint platform into highly transformative business solutions.


SharePoint Hub is a sponsor of Twin Cities SharePoint Saturday. 

Please join us this fall for our next event. 

You can learn more and register at the Twin Cities SharePoint Saturday web site.


Are you (or do you want to be) an independent SharePoint Consultant?

Consider the benefits of working with the SharePoint Hub!  Learn more here!

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